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This is an inflammatory condition of the skin which is caused by an excessive amount of sebum produced by the skin. It leads to oily skin, blackheads (comedomes) pustules (zits) and in some cases to cysts and nodules. It can cause a lot of distress for patients and can come on at any age although typically it affects teenagers.


The treatment of acne depends upon the type of acne which predominates and so treatment may involve topical therapy, systemic antibiotics and in severe cases a very effective medication called roaccutane (isotretinoin).


There are some non medicated treatments on the market including lasers and photodynamic therapy using red light onto the skin.


It is important to discuss the options available in order to ensure that the best treatment is being offered for the type of acne present


Not all acne requires prescription medication and sometimes cosmeceuticals and over the counter treatments (OTC) are both effective and potentially safer alternatives


It is essential that patients understand the pathophysiology behind acne – understanding this assists and empowers them to titrate the treatment to their own specific needs, achieving the best outcomes for them and their skin

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