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Cliff Aesthetics - part of Cliff Dermatology Ltd


Cliff dermatology ltd as well as offering general dermatology treatment and services also delivers aesthetic procedures


These include the use of dermal fillers - using non animal based hyaluronic acid which are temporary lasting for up to one year. They are a safe way of enhancing soft tissue and adding volume to the deep tissues of the face - one of the features of ageing is the loss of facial volume - these techniques allow enhancement and volumisation. The product that we use is the Galderma range of Restylane® products.


The possibilities will be discussed in more detail at the consultation and the best option decided between us.


We also undertake treatments using toxins - using Bocouture a neurotoxin that softens lines by temporarily paralysing muscles. the effect lasts for around 4 months. Bocouture is a Botulinum toxin type A which is stable at room temperature - these can treat both the upper face lines – forehead, glabella (between the eyes) and around the eyes – so called laughter lines, and also lower face lines around the mouth, the soft lines on the cheek and the downturned mouth.

Prior to seeing you for any treatment a full medical history will be taken and skin assessment.

I have also access to a large number of cosmeceutical products -  these are products that have clinically proven benefit in the ageing skin. We can discuss these products and then cliff dermatology ltd can direct you to a well established and recognised company that can supply you genuine products to use

The whole idea of facial rejuvenation is based on the concept that one wishes to delay the ageing process and in many cases attempt to reverse the damage to the skin and to slow the ageing process down

These can all potentially be achieved with the right guidance and treatment from a fully trained practitioner in the use of toxins, dermal fillers and cosmeceuticals

Cliff Aesthetics operates out of Medwyn Health Centre, Dorking which is fully CQC registered.

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