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Cheek Augmentation


The loss of cheekbone definition can give the overall face a more tired look and the placement of a deep dermal filler into the cheeks can restore cheek outline, give a small facial lift and produce a more youthful appearance.


This procedure also takes around 15 minutes to do and using a single needle entry technique we are able to undertake the procedure with no anaesthetic - although anaesthetic is available if needed and requested by the client. The skin can feel numb for a few hours since the product range used which is part of the Restylane range made by Galderma does contain some anaesthetic which makes the procedure less uncomfortable. The cheek enhancement lasts up to 18 months but top ups are sometimes needed in the intervening months.


The result is a subtle cheek enhancement with a single entry thereby reducing the risk of complications like bruising. This is achieved with the use of a cannula - this is a blunt instrument that limits the risk of puncturing a blood vessel - and so although it does not guarantee there is no bruising it reduces the risk. Many clients opt to have this procedure in their lunch hour - the so called 'lunchtime lift'.

The technique also serves to reduce the jowl and also indirectly softens the nasolabial folds and the marionette lines (see later)

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