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Rejuvenation of Hands – using Restylane Vital

The range of Restylane products includes a unique product called Restylane Vital which acts not as a filler but more of a rehydrator and serves to replenish the skin on delicate parts of the body including the hands and the neck area.

Small injections are made into the skin and the substance is deposited in small quantities into the skin and then over weeks the skin is noted to plump up and look softer and feels smoother. This is an observation but has now been backed up with good robust clinical data.

However remember this substance is not a filler and therefore results will not appear immediately but may require up to 3 sessions spaced at 4 weekly intervals.

An example of an untouched treated hand is shown below before and after 3 treatment sessions - please note results may vary.



As with all produces there are risks which all patients need to be aware of - after an assessment and discussion if you wish to proceed with treatment then we will discuss the possible complications which amongst other things will include


· Downtime

· Swelling

· Bruising

· Lumps

· Infections

Some of the potential complications are specific/unique to the areas treated in which case we will discuss those at the relevant time.

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