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Lip Augmentation


As the skin ages there is a gradual loss of the substances that make up the structure of the skin – this results in a loss of skin volume and loss of elasticity giving the impression of skin ‘sagging’.

Many people enquire as to how this can be improved to give a more youthful appearance but with minimal downtime. One option is the use of dermal fillers – the substances we use are non permanent and non animal derived - it can be placed in the right place within the lips to give more body to the lips and/or more definition.

The procedure takes around 15 minutes to do and with the newer dermal fillers no additional anaesthetic is needed since the fillers have a small amount of anaesthetic within them already.

I enjoy augmenting the lips and lifting the cheeks in an attempt to rejuvenate the face - the aim is to offer subtle changes that either restore lost tissue, enhance certain facial features or to refresh tired skin.

All these procedures are done with sterile techniques to provide a safe clean environment to ensure that each client receives an excellent high quality service with a result that is both pleasing and subtle avoiding excess tissue enhancement to give a false appearance .

Please allow me the opportunity to discuss the options with you and take you through the procedure in a step wise fashion - with no pressure at any stage to commit.

Like any procedure there are potential complications  - the procedure can be a bit sore and there can be a bit of bleeding due to the sheer number of local vessels in and around the lips.  This settles after a few days - sometimes arnica can help 

I aim not to create projecting lips but to create a subtle enhancement of the lips - to look natural yet youthful. To help reduce the so called bleeding from lipstick that can occur and to offer some improvement to smoking lines.

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